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Cape of Good Hope  Restaurant

Indulge in the Enchanting African Atmosphere and Non-toxic Food

Step into the world of Cape of Good Hope Restaurant, where African cuisine takes center stage. With a commitment to freshness and purity,
Leofoo Resort carefully selects produce from local farmers, ensuring the delivery of fresh and untainted fruits and vegetables. Combining the
essence of African flavors with an expansively designed space, you can savor the most exquisite and authentic African-inspired creations while
gazing upon the outdoor area adorned with various African herbivores. Let your senses be delighted and your cravings satisfied with the latest and
most genuine African culinary innovations.


Phoenix Restaurant

Local Flavor Cuisine
In the immersive African-themed setting, with the ambiance extending to the outdoor animal viewing area, you can savor the freshest and healthiest
buffet cuisine, satisfying your discerning senses.


Cape of Good Hope Restaurant

Service Hours:11:00~21:00 (Last order: 20:30)

Food Provided:

Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks

Set Meals, African Style

Phoenix Restaurant

Time: Breakfast (07:00 to 10:00), Dinner (17:30 to 21:00)

Location: 2nd Floor of the Hall

Food Provided: Chinese Cuisine and Group Gathering

Reminder: The meal service will be adjusted based on the number of occupants on the day. Please refer to the on-site announcement for accurate information.

Phone No.: Please contact the Catering Department via extension 3467


Cape of Good Hope Restaurant


Single Order of Main Course: starting from $80

10% of additional service charge is required.

For information, please call: 03-5475365, ext. 2960

Phoenix Restaurant

Breakfast:NT$350+10% for kid (3y~11y)NT$520+10% for adults (12y↑)

Dinner: NT$650+10% for kid (3y~11y);NT$980+10% for adults (12y↑)