Q:How do I get to Leofoo Resort Guanshi from Taipei?
A:By Car:
Northbound Travelers: Please exit the Guanshi interchange, after 4 km, follow the signs to Leofoo Village.
Southbound Travelers: Please exit the Guanshi interchange, after 8 km, follow the signs to Leofoo Village. It is approximately a 50 minute car ride from Taipei.
By Train: Get off the Chongli station. Take the Hsinchu Bus Company bus for Leofoo Village. From Taipei, it is approximately a 1.5 hour trip.
By Bus: Taipei, Hsinchu and Chongli all have buses that go to Leofoo Village. Please refer to the information below. We invite you to utilize this mode of transport. It takes about 1.5 hours from downtown Taipei.
By Taiwan Bus:
Route: Songshan Airport (Highway Bus Stop No. 5) -> Chang Gung Hospital (Dunhua North Road Bus Lane) -> Chonghsiao Dunhua MRT Station (Dunhua South Road Section 1 Bus Lane), Cheng Gong Public Apartments  Gongguan (In front of the National Taiwan University of Science and Technology Parking Lot) ->Hsiulang Elementary School -> Chiguang Vocational School -> Jingan MRT Station ->Chongcheng Road First Bank  Window on China Theme Park  Leofoo Village
Depart from Taipei Songshan Airport (Southbound): First bus: 6:00am, Last bus: 10:30pm. Depart from Leofoo Village (Northbound): First bus: 7:50am, Last bus: 5:10pm (departs from Leofoo Village). 10:00pm (departs from Longtan Main Station).
Taipei Taiwan Bus (03)4803885 Hsinchu Yalan Bus (03)5753322 (Transfer to Taiwan Bus a Longtan) Chongli Hsinchu Bus (03)4253121 Taichung Taichung Bus 0800-800-126 (Transfer to Taiwan Bus a Longtan)

Q:Are there shuttle services from Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station or Taoyuan International Airport?
A:A:The hotel can provide shuttle service with reservations. Please reserve in advance and pay according to the vehicle type. From Hsinchu High Speed Rail Station to the Hotel would take about 30 minutes. From Hotel to the Taoyuan International Airport  would take about 30 minutes(From Taoyuan International Airport to the Hotel can't make reservations ) . For reservation inquires, please call: 03-5475365*2910 for the Front Desk.

Q:What are the different types of rooms available? What are the differences between them?
A:Leofoo Resort Guanshi has a total of 164 African-themed rooms, with the room types as follows: 12-Ping Congo Sky Room (2 Large Beds or 1 Large Bed + 2 Small Beds): 1 floor, houses 2-4 people. 12-Ping Congo Greenery Room (2 Large Beds or 1 Large Bed + 2 Small Beds): 1 floor, houses 2-4 people. 18-Ping Kenya Sky Room (3 Large Beds): Loft Design, houses 2-6 people. 18-Ping Kenya Greenery Room (3 Large Beds): Loft Design, houses 2-6 people. 18-Ping Golden Suite (2 Large Beds, Prestigious Hospitality & Exclusive Amenities) African Plains Style: houses 2-4 people. 20-Ping Diamond Suite (2 Large Beds, Prestigious Hospitality & Exclusive Amenities) Moroccon Style: houses 2-4 people. The main difference between the Sky rooms and the Greenery Rooms is the fact that the Sky Rooms faces the scenic blue sky and mountain view, with exclusive exposure to natural habitats – African ostrich (located in the Zebra Building), Camel (located in the Giraffe Building) while the Greenery Rooms face the atrium’s Animal Scenic Area, where guests can observe animal behaviors. The major difference between the Kenya and Congo Rooms are: Kenya rooms can house up to 6 people and has a loft design with outdoor balcony. Congo Rooms have one level, housing up to 4 people. The Congo Rooms have bay view windows but they cannot be opened.

Q:What are the bathroom facilities in the rooms? Do the rooms have DVD player? Does the hotel provide strollers/wheelchairs?
A:There are no DVD players in the guest rooms. The bathrooms are not equipped with bathtubs. The shower and the toilet are separated. Congo Rooms have one bathroom, and Kenya Rooms have two bathrooms. The bathrooms for both room types are located on the first floor. For wheelchair or strollers, please reserve in advance and register for use.


Q:Does the hotel have sauna….and other facilities? What are the indoor leisure facilities? Are there any recommended activities?

A:The hotel is an ecological resort hotel, and it does not provide sauna, gym, swimming…and similar facilities. We encourage our guests to explore nature. The hotel provides leisure activities both inside and outside of the hotel for guests to attend. Examples include: Explore bike path within the park, experience farming in the Happy Farm, enjoy DIY in the Lion King’s Play Room, ride with horses in the Green Jungle Tunnels, Gaze stars at night in the Sahara Desert, moreover, Big Sister Storytelling is available at the Children’s Story House and the Light & Shadow Magical Classroom for playing DVDs.


Q:How many animals are there in the Animal Viewing Area?

A:In the scenic area, there are 13 species and a total of 62 animals, such as ring-tailed lemur, white-necked lemur, brown lemur, zebra, giraffe, flamingo, white rhino, sulcata tortoise, African goat, oryx, ostrich, North African bearded-goat and other herbivores.


Q:Are there are recommend exclusive tours? What are the contents and introduction to them?

A:The hotel will introduce different packages according to the seasons. The exclusive tour content: the hotel will offer different tours based on the four major themes, including: natural ecology, history & culture, animal exploration and healthy lifestyle. The recently introduced tours include: Cactus Kingdom (located in Hsinpu) and Home of the Grass Jelly (located in Guanshi) are both within 20-25 minutes away from the hotel by car. In particular, the Cactus Kingdom not only offers guests the experience of making their own grass jelly, tofu and iced desserts, they can also visit Taiwan’s largest Cactus Kingdom, housing over 7,000 types of cacti. Guests can also make their own cactus-potted plant to bring home with them.


Q:What is the difference between the Intimate Animal Tour & Wildlife Safari?

A:The intimate animal guided tour is located at the hotel’s atrium, Viewing area. The hotel’s professional staff will lead the hotel guests onto the boardwalk for a detailed guided tour. The scenic area throughout the hotel has 13 different kinds of animal’s habitat and animal characteristics. We would like to remind you, the intimate animal tour is not suitable for feeding or touching the animals. The Exploratory Safari Park Tour is included in the exclusive themed activities. Guests who sign up for this activity will be led by the staff to take the ride to the Leofoo Safari Park area, visit the carnivores, such as: lions, tigers, black bears…Upon entering the herbivores area, guests can leave the vehicle to feed the herbivores. The whole tour lasts about 60 to 70 minutes.


Q:The room rate includes one-night stay and two meals. What are the meal contents for dinner and lunch?

A:The hotel has two themed restaurants, namely Cape of Good Hope, which serves African-style cuisine on the first floor. On the second floor, Phoenix Restaurant offers Hakka-style themed cuisine. Depending on the number of room guests, the hotel will provide buffet or set meals for breakfast and dinner.
Breakfast hours: 7:00-10:00
Dinner hours: 17:30-21:00


Q:Leofoo Resort Guanshi – Guest’s Pet Boarding Provisions?

A:The Pet Care Center is open 24 hours.
.Resort guest will be charged a fee of NT$100 for boarding their pet.
.When dropping off pet, please provide personal ID. The ID will be returned when you pick up the pet.
.Pet Boarding is mainly for general pets (such as cats, dogs and rabbits, etc). In the case of special pets (such as: reptiles, birds and rodents, please bring your own pet cage)。
.The center offers drinking water for the pets.
.Please provide your pets with their own food.
.The center offers pets 24 hours of air conditioning facilities.
.If you would like to go to the center to visit your pet, please proceed to the hotel’s lobby counter for assistance.
.Pet boarding area: Leofoo Village Visitor’s Service Center – Pet Care Center.