Little Keepers Training Accommodation Project

2019 Leofoo Resort Guanshi Exclusive Animal Keeping Experience –Little Keepers Training Accommodation Project

Feel the Gentleness of Rhinos in Close Distance
Remember your first excitement of seeing giraffes and zebras roaming on the plains? Do you ever imagine that you can interact with these animals in close distance? Don’t miss this opportunity to explore and interact with them!

The Gentleness of Rhinos
When comes to the most gentle giants in Leofoo Resort Guanshi, you can never forget the sleepy Huo and Coo. We initiate the experiencing course of “Rhino Keeper” that combines education and entertainment. In the course, we will follow the footsteps of animal keepers to the home of white rhinoceros. They seem strong and fierce, but actually possess a sharp heart along with their ears that can rotate to lock down the source of sounds. In the process, the keeper will establish a trustful and friendly relationship with them in a most stylish manner, allowing the participants interact with them in close distance by encouraging them, touching their scale-mail-like skin, brushing their back, and feeding and observing them.

Facts About White Rhinoceros
◎Name: White Rhinoceros    Scientific Name: Ceratotherium simum 
◎Distribution: Africa
◎Traits: They are the second largest mammal on land. Existing rhinos have sensitive olfaction and hearing. There are 3 short toes on their hooves with a piece of wide and obtuse nail. Most rhinos are gray or brown, but white rhinoceros have a lighter skin color.
◎Sizes: They can be 3.4 to 4 meters in body length, 1.6 to 1.9 in shoulder height, and 1,500 to 3,000 kg in weight.
◎Foods: They are herbivores that mostly consume the grass in African savannah.

【Rhino Keeper Activity】
1. Time: 1 session everyday (13:00 to 14:00) for 60 minutes
2. Number: 4 people at minimum and 12 people at maximum. Guests who purchase accommodation project are the priority. Onsite guest can only participate with extra fees if the quota is not full.
3. Location: Leofoo Resort Guanshi Keeper’s Corner and Indoor Rhino Shelter
4. Prices: Original price 1,899 NTD; for extra fees of onsite guests, please refer to the announcement from Activity Department.

1. 1st Stage of Indoor Course “Keeper’s Corner”:
In the Keeper’s Corner, the keeper will introduce the understanding course of “Know the Rhinos” by combining education and entertainment to let the participants understand the physical traits as well as consuming and living habitats of rhinos. For example, rhinos have three things that are great: great size, great strength, and great appetite. The thickest part of their skin lies on their back; their sensitive ears can turn 170 degrees to the front or the back. Here, you can know more about the amazing kingdom of rhinos.
2. 2nd Stage of Outdoor Course “Visiting Rhinos”:
Guided by the keeper, participants in gears (mask, gloves, and rain boots) will enter the “Home of Rhinos”. Their shelter shall be designed exclusively to meet their size and living habitats. During the visit, the keepers will guide the participants to think: what will their home be? Do they live in places just like that of humans? The clear instruction and actual operation of shelter gate switch will allow the participants understand the design and functional ingenuity in rhinos’ shelter.
3. 3rd Stage of Outdoor Course “Make Friends with Rhinos”:
Under the guidance of the keepers, everyone can personally operate the shelter gate and knock on tubes to guide them entering the chute. At this point, participants can interact with the rhinos in close distance, measure their weight, touch their skin, brush their back, and take a shot. Finally, in the process of positive animal training, participants can give them awards by feeding them, observe their unique way of eating, and understand how the keepers and veterinaries do the health check for them.
4. 4th Stage of Indoor Course “Importance of Animal Conservation”:
In the animal classroom, the professional keepers can lead the participants to touching rhino horn specimen as well as further understand the currently emergency status of rhinos, making efforts in animal conservation. Finally, participants will receive a certificate of completion, gaining the unforgettable memory.

You might have discovered that tigers and giraffes aren’t everywhere, but you can see that birds are soaring in the sky all over the world. We rarely have chances to know and contact with them in close distance. Now, Leofoo Resort has launched the whole new “Avian Keeper” experiencing. Let’s enter the avian world together!
Want to see the intelligent parrots or marvelous pelicans with your own eyes?
The “Avian Keeper” in Leofoo Resort Guanxi will present every guest with very special experiences through professional guides as well as interaction and understanding with various kinds of birds in close distance!

【Avian Keeper Activity
1. Time:  1 session everyday (except for Thursday)
2. Session: 16:30-17:15 (for 45 minutes)
3. Number: 4 people at minimum and 12 people at maximum.
3. Location: The Avian Ark Exploration Hall in Leofoo Village Park
4. Prices: Original price 1,899 NTD; for extra fees of onsite guests, please refer to the announcement from Activity Department.

Brief Introduction:
※ ”Growing Diary of Eggs”
Open your eyes widely to see the differences of eggs! During the experiencing, we will lead everyone to using specific illuminator to observe the amazing changes in the embryo within the fertilized eggs!
※ Know “Imprinting”
Be a true keeper in the course! After animals are born, they will recognize the first object they see as their mother, imprinting it. Therefore, when keepers are caring the new born fledglings, they will wear specifically-designed gloves to avoid from the fledglings doing some abnormal behaviors. Caring these hungry fledglings with your own hands is not something you can learn in class!

※Know the Traits and Importance of Birds
It turns out that the skeletal structure, respiratory system, cardio system, and digestive system all have amazing functions in the process of evolving aviating! Different avian also have different eating habitats! From the observation of specimens to appreciating the rarely seen scene of parrots eating in close distance, you can have a fulfilling gain that can widen your horizon!

※Animal Behavior Training
In order to give them better foods and medical treatments, we must do some basic behavioral training in their daily caring. How can this difficult mission to be done? The bird associate and pelicans will start a continuous demonstration of “objective training” to let you know how a pelican that eats everything can be weighed. Let’s learn from the keepers from how we can make it stand on a scale!

※Birds: Sensitive Environment Index
You might have heard that experts usually say that birds can let us know most problems happening on earth. In this course, you can know their physical structure and growing traits, including fast metabolism, sensitiveness to air quality, and their global distribution. When natural environment is in danger, birds are the first to be affected in their health and number. The soaring birds are actually the watchers of ecology!

1. Age Limits: Children between 4 and 10 must be accompanied by parents and observe relevant safety regulations.
2. Shared rain boots (in the same specifications) are provided onsite for changing; socks are recommended.
3. Participants may have a closer contact with rhinos in the activity. For animals’ health, participants should wear clothing in earthly colors, such as black, white, gray, and brown; vivid colors may stimulate the animals. Meanwhile, perfumes or other skin care products should not be used, or otherwise unpredictable stimulating reactions may be caused.

Want to have your own memories of little keepers with your children?

2019 Little Keepers Training Accommodation Project (2 Days)
NT$ 14,500 + 10%

Period: 2019/1/3 to 2019/12/31
Room Type: Congo Blue Sky Room
* 2 Rooms Only Everyday
Days: 2 Days 1 night
Number of people: 4 People

●4 Sets of Breakfast
●4 Leofoo Village Theme Park Tickets (Unlimited Entries for 2 Days)
●4 Little keeper activities –1 in 2 Options of “Rhino Keeper” and “Giraffe Keeper” for 4 People (Little Keeper Certificate and Badge can be earned)
●2 Animal Star Gifts
●Free Activities for the Customers

1. The project is applicable to guests over the age of 4 (inclusive) (since the course is only available to those over the age of 4)
2. Accommodation Period in 2019: 2019/1/3 to 2019/12/31.
3. In case of rain and safety concerns, the animal experience activity may be cancelled depending on ground conditions. Guests who have already signed up for the plan may notify the reservation team in advance to change the dates of stay, or may ask for a flexible change in terms of plan content on-site. For more details, contact the event team.
4. The course time of little keepers is 1 session each day, taking each room as the calculation basis. The courses of “Rhino Keeper” and “Giraffe Keeper” are 1 in 2 options, which cannot be separately chosen by people in the same room.
5. Guests who purchase accommodation project are the priority. Onsite guest can only participate with extra fees if the quota is not full.
6. During the overlapped period of Leofoo Village Park and Leofoo Water Park, the tickets will be upgraded to joint tickets of Village Park and Water Park.

Rule of additional price
(1)Extra fees for extra person (The Congo Sky Room is only available to 4 people)
Payment will be required counted from the fifth person.(The room will also be upgraded to Kenya Room for the price differences.)
For age over 4(inclusive): $2,600 NTD + 10% service fees  (includes 1breakfast + 1 Leofoo Village Theme Park Ticket + 1  Little keeper activity)

(2)Extra fees for weekends:
$2,000 NTD +10% apply for weekend stays (per room per day);
$4,000 NTD +10% apply for big holidays (per room per day).
For definitions on weekdays and weekends, please refer to the Leofoo Resort Guanshi website.

(3)Extra fees for room upgrade:
$2,000 NTD +10% for room upgrade to Congo Greenery Room (accommodates 4 people max.)
$4,000 NTD +10% for room upgrade to Kenya Sky Room (accommodates 6 people max.)

(4)Extra fees for extend stay(Guests will get a 10% discount at the restaurant during the stay.)
$6,500 NTD +10% per room per day

Reservations: 02-6616-6521
Direct line for activity booking: 03-547-5365 #2952