Access to meerkat family room plan

Happy and Honey say happy birthday to you! Anyone whose birthday is in the month of accommodation will have their 10% service fee waived.

Wanna have fun with Happy and Honey on your birthday?

Wanna start an adventure in the room with them?

It’s the 40th anniversary of Leofoo Village, and our favorite Happy and Honey will come to see you as well!

Leofoo Resort specifically designs a themed room of Happy and Honey, hoping every child who loves Happy and Honey can enjoy the celebration with them!

(It’s recommended to bring your adventure gear or purchase in Cape Town Shop; taking photo in the room can enhance the sense of celebration and immersion!)

【Project Introduction】

The Only Happy & Honey Themed Room in the Resort

Entering the room, you can see Happy proceeding to the African savannah on a hot air balloon...

and Honey driving a truck with her animal friends to explore the mysteries.

You can see the trail of adventure left by Happy and Honey at every corner in the room!

You can also be the neighbor of African animals, experiencing the most original ecology in Africa.

Notes: The jeep bed and the Happy & Honey pillow are the properties of the Resort and cannot be taken out.

Get the Happy & Honey Surprise Pack and Exchange Ticket of Happy & Honey Ice Cream after Check-in

The room contains the children’s favorites: Happy & Honey Doll and Themed Cup! With the newly launched Happy & Honey Ice Cream Exchange Ticket, you can taste the crunchy and fine texture of ice cream and collect figures! Children who are lovers of Happy & Honey will have the full gifts and surprises!

All gifts in the Happy & Honey Surprise Pack (Happy & Honey Doll, Happy & Honey Themed Cup, and Lemur Drawing Book) are all yours to take home! (The contents may vary depending on onsite situation. The picture is for reference only)

Happy & Honey Good Friends – A VIP Experience in Leofoo Village Theme Park

As the friend of Happy & Honey, you surely should a totally unique experience in the park!

For Guests in the Happy & Honey Themed Room Only: A First Use of Rides Only in Leofoo Village (Pass with Tickets)

You get tired? Don’t worry! Happy and Honey invite you to enjoy the Western US Hamburger combo. You can have the best experience in the park with fun and foods!

Observe the mystery of animals - Zoo Safari!

Say Jambo to animals!
Take the designated vehicle to the African Tribe Herbivores Special Area, and observe the different animals behavior in their habitat along with the professional, interesting introduction by the guide, bring the adults back to the fond memories of entering to zoo over 20 years ago. Children can also take a closer look at these adorable animals to discover new, interesting aspects about them.

Happy and Honey Room Project: NT$12,000 +10%

Period: 2021/1/1~2021/3/31                         
Accommodation Category: Happy and Honey Room (1 available each day)
Time: 1 Day
People: 3
●3 sets of breakfast
●3 Leofoo Village Park tickets(Unlimited Entries for 2 Days)

●3Fast Pass Ticket for Limited Rides in Leofoo Village

●3 Zoo Safari
●3Leofoo Village Hamburger Exchange Ticket
●3Happy & Honey Ice Cream Exchange Ticket

●1Happy & Honey Surprise Pack
●Free Activities for the Customers



  1. A Warm Reminder: The room is a greenfield room that faces the courtyard. The views might be blocked by the wooden path in the courtyard, and animals won’t able to get close. If you want to see the animals in close distance, it’s recommended to see them on the wooden path or order other types of rooms.
  2. This project is suitable for children of all ages; no age limits are in this project.
  3. Not applicable during New Year Holidays (1/24 to 1/28); if Leofoo Water Oark happens to be open (please see the website of Leofoo Village), the Leofoo Village Bracelet will be upgraded to Leofoo Water Park Bracelet automatically.
  4. The jeep bed and the Happy & Honey pillow are the properties of the Resort and cannot be taken out. All gifts in the Happy & Honey Surprise Pack can be taken home.


Exchange Ticket Instruction:

  1. Leofoo Village Hamburger Exchange Ticket

Location: Leofoo Village US Western Hamburger Shop

Time: 11:00 to 15:00

Meals for Exchange: Choose from Beef Satisfactory Burger Combo / Tycoon Chicken Thigh Burger Combo / Cheese Vegetable Burger Combo (Vegetarian)


  1. Fast Pass Ticket for Limited Rides in Leofoo Village

Location: Limited Rides in Leofoo Village (see the instruction of the ticket)

Time: During Two Days in the Park


  1. Happy & Honey Ice Cream Exchange Ticket

Location: Cape Town Shop

Time: During Your Stay in Leofoo Resort (Once)

Exchange Item: Happy & Honey Ice Cream × 1 (Can’t Choose)


Wanna live in the fairy kingdom of animal adventure? You can also see Leofoo Resort’s Children Adventure Room!


Rule of additional price:
(1)Extra fees for extra person (The Congo Sky Room is only available to 4 people)
Payment will be required counted from the fourth person.
For age under 3: for free  (excluding activities and sets)
For age over of 3(inclusive): $2,400 NTD + 10% service fees(including 1 breakfast +1 Leofoo Village Park ticket+1 Zoo Safari +1 Fast Pass Ticket for Limited Rides in Leofoo Village +1 Leofoo Village Hamburger Exchange Ticket +1 Happy & Honey Ice Cream Exchange Ticket)


(2)Extra fees for weekends:
$2,000 NTD +10% for weekend stays (per room per day);
$4,000 NTD +10% for big holidays (per room per day).
For definitions on weekdays and weekends, please refer to the Leofoo Resort  Guanshi website.

(3)Extra fees for extend stay: $6,500 NTD +10% per room per day
10% off of preferences for  Restaurant are available during the stay (with room card holder)
If is on holiday, extra fees are still required in accordance with the regulations of extra prices on holidays. 

Direct line for activity booking: 03-547-5365 #2951、2952
Reservations: 02-6616-6521