A Happy Vacation on Provincial Highway 3

Leofoo Resort is located by the beautiful Provincial Highway 3. We wish to invite you to have fun in our Hakka resorts for slow life! Entering here, you will have to travel back in time with the fragrance of tea as the guide and experience the amazing fruit picking culture!

The most beautiful scene on Provincial Highway 3 is time. Let the kids be close to animals and nature. Stay away from those 3C products. Seek the pure happiness in travel with families in a way closest to your life!

A Happy Vacation on Provincial Highway 3 (2Days) 

Period: 2023/01/01- 2023/12/31                          
Room Type:Congo Plain Room
Days:2 Days 1night
Number of people: 2

●2 Sets of Breakfast
●2 Sets of Hakka Dinner 
●2 Tickets for Fruit Picking Experience (Outdoor Activity in Ching-Yong Recreation Farm)
●2 Ticket for Tea Cultural tour (Outdoor Activity in Guanshi Black Tea Cultural Hall)
●1 Leofoo’s Guanshi Mesona Tea
●Free Activities for the Customers


Project Introduction:

Season-Limited Fruit Picking Experience (Outdoor Activity in Ching-Yong Recreation Farm)

Have you pick up fruits with your own hands? Wanna taste the rainbow-colored tomatoes? A ticket for local experience is added in this project, allowing you to walk into the recreation farm that combines agricultural production, ecology, and life. More than 30 kinds of tomatoes around the world are introduced just to make you full of gains!

The image is for reference only. Dishes may vary depending on seasons.

A Time Travel of Tea Fragrance (Outdoor Activity in Guanshi Black Tea Cultural Hall)

Travelers have enough time in the slow stroll on Provincial Highway 3 to enter into another scene. The Taiwan Black Tea Corporation, founded in 1937 during the Japanese occupation era, is one of the oldest tea factories in Taiwan. The plant of woods and bricks contains the tea-brewing instruments as well as old pictures and relics, perfectly preserving the centurial history of the tea industry in Taiwan.
The walls of the warehouse are hung with the metal boards of tea boxes that were used for export in the early days. The boards are engraved with renowned port cities around the world. Through the introduction of local guides, visitors can witness the exporting history of Taiwanese tea across the globe.


Leofoo’s Guanshi Mesona Tea

Mesona, the most special product in Guanshi, can be used both as herbs or foods. Its special fragrance makes it a kind of tasty drink or cooking ingredients. Leofoo’s mesona tea bags, made by local-friendly farmers, are free of caffeine or other additives and are purely made of natural mesona. It is the best souvenir for the visitors.



Information of Transportation and Services of External Merchants

(1) Cash Discount Ticket for Fruit Picking Experience in Ching-Yong Recreation Farm (Tomato Picking Experience)

Exchange Content: discounted exchange for tomato picking based on the face value (NT$200) or produces with equivalent values (excluding meals)

Location: Ching-Yong Recreation Farm

Address: No. 35-1, Neighborhood 2, Shiliuzhang, Guanshi Township, Hsinchu County (near National Kuan-Hsi Senior High School; 15 minutes of driving time from Leofoo Resort)

Persimmon Dyeing Experience Hotline: 03-587-0899


(2) Experience Ticket for Guide in Guan shi Black Tea Cultural Hall

Exchange Content: Guide of Tea Culture

Location: Guanshi Black Tea Cultural Hall

Address: No. 73, Zhongshan Rd., Guanshi Township, Hsinchu County (15 minutes of driving time from Leofoo Resort)

Tea Culture Experiencing Reservation Hotline: 03-517-1262



  1. Exchange tickets and discount tickets in this project are available as long as it’s not expired. No transportation is served, so the guests need to drive themselves to appointed stores for exchange.
  2. Outdoor activities are only available during the specified time periods. Exchange for cash, changes, and resale are not allowed.
  3. Exchange tickets and discount tickets for outdoor activities are invalid if lost, damaged, or expired and cannot be renewed. Please see the exchange tickets for instruction.
  4. The projects are in a set itinerary, and no return of fees is available for individual activities. The Leofoo bracelets are limited gifts that cannot be re-sold and can be used on the day of check-in and on the next day only. The bracelets are not available during rest or closure due to large-scale activities. For opening hours and the rules of ticket/ticket exchange, please visit the website of Leofoo Village. In case of rest or closure, the guests cannot require compensation, withdrawal, or exchange for cash accordingly.
  5. In case of bad weather, Leofoo Resort will not provide raincoats in consideration of hygiene and environmental protection. Guests participating in the animal experiencing need to prepare their own raincoats or purchase in the Cape Town Shop. We’re sorry for the inconvenience.


Rule of additional price:
(1)Extra fees for extra person (The Congo Sky Room is only available to 4 people)
Payment will be required counted from the third person.
For age under 3: for free(excluding activities and sets)
For age over 3(inclusive): $1,800 NTD + 10% service fees  (including 1breakfast+ 1 Hakka Dinner+1ticket for fruit picking experience+1ticket for tea cultural tour)

(2)Extra fees for weekends:
For definitions on weekdays and weekends, please refer to the Leofoo Resort Guanshi website.

(3)Extra fees for room upgrade:
$2,000 NTD +10% for a room upgrade to Congo Greenery Room (accommodates 4 people max.)
$4,000 NTD +10% for a room upgrade to Kenya Sky Room (accommodates 6 people max.)
$6,000 NTD +10% for a room upgrade to Kenya Greenery Room (accommodates 6 people max.)

(4)Extra fees for extend stay: $6,500 NTD +10% per room per day
10% off of preferences for  Restaurant are available during the stay (with room cardholder)
If is on holiday, extra fees are still required in accordance with the regulations of extra prices on holidays.


Reservations: 02-6616-6521 
Direct line for activity booking: 03-547-5365 # 2951、2952