Outdoor Facilities

Happy Farm

Following along the trail by the scenic animal habitat, you will discover the legendary Happy Farm. This Farm employs toxin-free growing methods, providing the animals in the habitat fresh grass, offering them healthier and more natural source of food. Moreover, according to the different seasons, an array of fresh, seasonal vegetables as grown. During the fall and spring, there is a diverse range of leaf vegetables, in the summer there are fruits and over the winter days, there are turnips and leaf mustard and a bountiful selection of herbs and spices, offering the freshest, gourmet experience.
Join us to plant your own vegetables and experience being a one day, little farmer! 
★Little Farmer’s Experience Registration Hotline: 03-5475365 ext. 2952 Lion King’s Play Room

Sahara Plaza TOP

Starting from Lion King’s Play Room, there are sprawling green plants all along the path, such as: Japanese silver grass, Orchid Tree, the indigenous Taiwan Rain Tree, Formosa Gum Tree and Acacia Trees. The path also passes through the Leofoo Village Theme Park, with the breathtaking view of Taiwan’s largest Guanshi Lying Buddha.