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Meerkat observation experience tour
The “Meerkat Family” has arrived in Leofoo Resort Guanshi! Come and see these “desert elves” who love to hug each other . Here at Leofoo Resort Guanshi, we have designed an ecological demonstration field within the lemur island according to habits of meerkats. With a combination of educational purpose and fun, we have designed an “interactive experience with meerkats”, the first of its kind in Taiwan. Room guests can see how meerkats feed themselves through virtual reality program; in addition, guests can join the meerkat weighing training to get an intimate look at them. The entire program is designed with a simulation of what conservationists do, allowing guests to have more lively and varied approaches to observing animals.


Since the original habitat where they came from, South Africa, has a desert climate, with great temperature difference between day and night, the whole family of meerkats would gather around, hug each other, and comb each other’s hairs every day when they get up or go to sleep inside the tunnel at dusk. All family members like to encourage each other, take care of and protect each other. It would be no surprise that they are called the animals in the world who like hugs the most. Some meerkats would stand at high grounds and act as sentinels while other meerkats forage for food or play around. Once predators are spotted, the sentinels would call out alarmingly, prompting other family members to scurry back to their burrows for safety.

Facts about meerkat:
◎Scientific name::Suricata  suricatta
◎English name: Meerkat
◎Distribution:Kalahari Desert, South Africa
Small-sized nocturnal animals with black patches around the eyes, which act like sunglasses, allowing meerkats to see clearly under the bright sun as well as looking directly at the sun. Their tails are thin and long, allowing them to stand on their feet and maintain balance when they run fast. The tail end is black. The black small, crescent-shaped ears can be closed when meerkats dig burrows so that dirt do not get into their ears.
◎Body size:
On average, a male meerkat weighs about 731 grams while a female weighs 720 grams. The body length is between 25 to 35 cm, and tail length between 17 to 25 cm.
They mostly feed on insects. Scorpions are their favorite, but meerkats also eat crickets, cockroaches, lizards, snakes, spiders, plants, eggs, and small mammals. Since they do not store fats inside their bodies, they must actively hunt for food every day in order to maintain their energy.

Number of sessions: Two sessions daily (10:30 ,13:30 and 16:00)
Session duration: about 40 minutes
Guest limit: 6 people per session
Age limit: 6 years old or over recommended
Content of experience:
(1) In stage 1, guests will be introduced to the “meerkat conservation knowledge” and animal characteristics. Guests will know what meerkats love to eat the most, and why they often stand guard as sentinels. Come and learn about the cute little desert elves.
(2) Next, guests will be led into the home of meerkats. Guests will need to change for rain boots and wear face masks while paying attention to the rules of entering animal ground. As soon as guests enter the meerkat habitat, our professional guides will lecture the guests on the environment and explain the feeding behaviors of meerkats. Then, guests will get a close-up look at meerkats’ weighing training on wooden scales, and help make the “food balls” that enhance meerkats’ behavior diversification, and then observe how these creatures feed.

Price: NT$899 per person


1. Meerkats are carnivorous animals. We advise that guests who join this deal shall be at least six years old. Please follow safety instructions at all times. The experience content may vary according to actual on-site situations. We regret that guests cannot designate the experience content they would like to have.
2. To access Lemur Island guests will need to cross the water bridge. Rain boots (single size) will be provided on spot. We advise guests to wear socks.
3. Since in this activity guests will have a close-up contact with meerkats, we advise guests to wear shirts and pants with colors close to the land, such as black, white, grey, and coffee colors; avoid wearing too bright and colorful clothes or the animals may be disturbed. In addition, avoid wearing perfume or makeup with strong scent.
4. Room guests who have purchased the 【Accommodation deal for 2 guests plus access to meerkat family】 deal have the priority to join this event. For additional purchases on-site, refer to the daily announcement by the activities team.

Activity booking:03-547-5365 # 2952
Reservation (room):02-7701-7765



Lemur Experience

In Taiwan, most of the ring-tailed lemurs are raised in enclosed habitats. Because they are able to jump quite high, at Leofoo Resort Guanshi their habitat is modeled after their natural environment-Madagascar island spatial design. For this reason, the ring-tailed lemurs are quite happy here and are friendly with humans. Would you like to interact with the star animal-ring-tailed lemur? Sign up now for the interaction experience. Let us change into costumes and enter the lemur island, experience having lemurs jumping on top of our heads and shoulders, while enjoying their boundless life energy. You can even stay around to take pictures with them, and create unforgettable memories.

.The interactive experience is 30 minutes long. Since the lemurs have limited food quota, so each session will have a participant quot. Please remember to reserve in advance!

.Activity Starting Time: 09:40 , 15:10

.Activity Fee: NT$499/person 

【Note】Since lemurs may jump onto your shoulder or neck during the interactive experiencr, it is not recommended for children under 6 years old.



Alpaca Experience 

The adorable-looking alpaca is always able to warm the hearts of people, thus they are perfect for people who want to meet animals but are a bit hesitant at the same time. The alpacas will voluntarily approach you during the feeding process, so come on and take a heart-warming photo with the alpaca!
.The interactive experience is 30 minutes long. Since the lemurs have limited food quota, so each session will have a participant quot. Please remember to reserve in advance!
.Activity Starting Time: 10:30 , 14:30
.Activity Fee: NT$499/person 

【Note】It is not recommended for children under 6 years old.



The Sudan Rhino Bus Exploration Sessions


In the remote Kenyan prairie in Africa,
The Northern White Rhinoceros has walked into a path of extinction.
Each day, surrounded by numerous armed guards, the old Sudan lies on its stomach, watching as his final moments in life drift by.Sudan, his daughter and grand-daughter, are the world’s remaining three Northern White Rhinoceroses. At age 42, due to poor health, he was euthanized lately. This declares the extinction of the Northern White Rhinoceros.

According to data from World Wide Fund for Nature, once there used to be more than 2,000 Northern White Rhinoceroses on Earth during the 1960s. Due to superstitions on the rhino horn’s healing effect and the perverted mentality to show off one’s wealth, frenzy poaching has turned them into endangered species. The price of rhino horn in black market used to be as high as gold, luring poachers frequently target rhinos.

The crisis of endangered species has never been far away from us.

In the near future, we may be only able to tell our children through stories that a beautiful creature such as the White Rhinoceros once existed on Earth.

The largest white rhinoceros restoration center in Asia- the Leofoo Wildlife Park
In 2015, Chuangfoo Foundation paid its first visit to South Africa with staff from Leofoo Village Wildlife Park in an attempt to learn about the current status of wildlife animal rescue and care in the region. Together with the founder of Care for Wild, an orphanage taking care of rhinos in South Africa, a Letter of Intent was signed, marking the beginning of Chuangfoo Foundation and Leofoo Village’s joint effort to protect the white rhinoceroses in the region.
Ever since Leofoo Village introduced the Southern Rhinoceros, baby rhinos have been born every year or two. So far, there have been 19 successfully bred rhinoceroses.

In order to allow the human-restored white rhinoceroses become accustomed to nature, the animal conservationist at Leofoo researched and designed a bus called “Sudan Rhino Bus”. The bus’s various special design features are tailored to white rhinos’ natural habits. Through luring and training rhinos to attack the bus, it helps recover rhinos’ various natural instincts and capabilities.

Number of sessions: Two sessions daily (11:10 and 14:30)
Session duration: about 60 minutes
Guest limit:
Minimum of 3 people is required for the session to take place. Maximum 10 guests allowed.Age limit: 6 years old or over recommended
*The session will take guests to the White Rhinoceros Habitat at the Leofoo Village Wildlife Park.

Content of experience:

Stage 1- “Getting to know White Rhinoceroses”: Our conservation staff members on bus will give an informative and educative lecture on the ecology as the bus takes guests to the White Rhinoceros Habitat. The lecture will touch on:
(1) The concept of animal conservation
(2) The crisis that White Rhinoceroses face and the conservation techniques in South Africa
(3) The habits of White Rhinoceroses
(4) The design concepts behind the “Sudan Rhino Bus” and briefing on the experience session procedure : As the lecture session goes along, the lecturer will show guests rhino horns and skins (subject to course conditions), and guests may feel free to ask the lecturer any questions.

Stage 2- “Sudan Rhino Bus” close-up encounter: As the bus slowly approaches the herd of White Rhinoceroses, not only the guests have a chance to observe these creatures from a close distance, the guests are also invited to feel what it’s like to be working as a conservation staff member: they are allowed to brush the rhinos’ backs to establish trust between human and animals. As conservation staff member informs the guest the facts on rhinos, the guests can have a deeper understanding about White Rhinoceroses’ living habits and get a better sense of the importance of nature conservation.
”Sudan Rhino Bus Exploration” certificate: Before guests leave, they will get a training certificate and a group photo, symbolizing they have become a part of the animal conservation effort, and will continue to strive for protecting the Earth’s ecology.

Exploration special price $1,999/ person.


Since this activity is a close-up encounter with animals, for animal protection concerns, we require all guests to wear colors close to the land and nature, such as black, white, grey, and coffee colors. Avoid wearing too bright and colorful colors to disturb the animals. Also avoid wearing perfumes or makeup that has strong scent.


Adventure to Beast Island TOP

Do you want to experience first-hand the fear for being surrounded by ferocious animals?

 As long as you are:
.10 years old and above
.Enjoy adventures and challenging the limits

We welcome you to sign up for Taiwan's exclusive experience activity – "Ferocious Animal Caged Car." This is an all-new, shocking first-hand experience with ferocious animals that you should have once in a lifetime.
Have "Zero degree" contact with ferocious animals. Experience what it feels like to be stared down by tigers. You can personally feed the naughty baboons, and feel the lions' deep roar and the thrill of them hunting for food. This is a unique experience for the senses!
The activity is 60 minutes long. Since the animals have limited food quota, so each session will have a participant quot. Please remember to reserve in advance!

Activity Reservation Hotline: 03-5475365#2952

.The activity is 60 minutes long. Since the animals have limited food quota, so  each session will have a participant quot. Please remember to reserve in  advance! I

.Activity Departure Hours: 10:00, 11:10, 13:10, 14:20

.Activity Fee: Adult NT$1,999/person

【Note】The show is closed on every Wednesday and during raining days. The activity is extremely stimulating and thus it is not suitable for children under the age of ten, senior citizens over 70 years old, pregnant women and persons with cardiovascular conditions, thank you for your understanding!





Zoo Safari 

Take the designated vehicle to the African Tribe Herbivores Special Area, and observe the different animals behavior in their habitat along with the professional, interesting introduction by the guide, bring the adults back to the fond memories of entering to zoo over 20 years ago. Children can also take a closer look at these adorable animals to discover new, interesting aspects about them.

.The activity is 60 minutes long. Since the animals have limited food quota, so each session will have a participant quot. Please remember to reserve in advance!

.Activity Departure Hours: 09:00,10:10,11:20,13:00,14:10,15:20 

.Activity Fee: Adult NT$950/person, Children between age 3-11 NT$650/child


African Spurred Tortoises Experience

The event is limited to summer only!
If you think turtles like water and are slow, think again! The African Spurred Tortoise at Leofoo Resort Guanshi is massive in size and moves very swiftly; their favorite exercise is hiking and taking a stroll! In the blistering summer, let us help to scrub its back! Since African Spurred Tortoise is a tropical animal, it will only make appearance between June and September in Taiwan, so make sure you don't miss this opportunity!

.The interactive experience is 30 minutes long. Please remember to reserve in advance!
.Activity Starting Time: 14:00
.Activity Fee: NT$499/person

.It is not recommended for children under 6 years old.



【Rhino Keeper Activity】


1. Time: 1 session everyday (13:00 to 14:00) for 60 minutes
2. Number: 4 people at minimum and 12 people at maximum. Guests who purchase accommodation project are the priority. Onsite guest can only participate with extra fees if the quota is not full.
3. Location: Leofoo Resort Guanshi Keeper’s Corner and Indoor Rhino Shelter
4. Prices: Original price 1,899 NTD; for extra fees of onsite guests, please refer to the announcement from Activity Department.

1. 1st Stage of Indoor Course “Keeper’s Corner”:
In the Keeper’s Corner, the keeper will introduce the understanding course of “Know the Rhinos” by combining education and entertainment to let the participants understand the physical traits as well as consuming and living habitats of rhinos. For example, rhinos have three things that are great: great size, great strength, and great appetite. The thickest part of their skin lies on their back; their sensitive ears can turn 170 degrees to the front or the back. Here, you can know more about the amazing kingdom of rhinos.
2. 2nd Stage of Outdoor Course “Visiting Rhinos”:
Guided by the keeper, participants in gears (mask, gloves, and rain boots) will enter the “Home of Rhinos”. Their shelter shall be designed exclusively to meet their size and living habitats. During the visit, the keepers will guide the participants to think: what will their home be? Do they live in places just like that of humans? The clear instruction and actual operation of shelter gate switch will allow the participants understand the design and functional ingenuity in rhinos’ shelter.
3. 3rd Stage of Outdoor Course “Make Friends with Rhinos”:
Under the guidance of the keepers, everyone can personally operate the shelter gate and knock on tubes to guide them entering the chute. At this point, participants can interact with the rhinos in close distance, measure their weight, touch their skin, brush their back, and take a shot. Finally, in the process of positive animal training, participants can give them awards by feeding them, observe their unique way of eating, and understand how the keepers and veterinaries do the health check for them.
4. 4th Stage of Indoor Course “Importance of Animal Conservation”:
In the animal classroom, the professional keepers can lead the participants to touching rhino horn specimen as well as further understand the currently emergency status of rhinos, making efforts in animal conservation. Finally, participants will receive a certificate of completion, gaining the unforgettable memory.

You might have discovered that tigers and giraffes aren’t everywhere, but you can see that birds are soaring in the sky all over the world. We rarely have chances to know and contact with them in close distance. Now, Leofoo Resort has launched the whole new “Avian Keeper” experiencing. Let’s enter the avian world together!
Want to see the intelligent parrots or marvelous pelicans with your own eyes?
The “Avian Keeper” in Leofoo Resort Guanxi will present every guest with very special experiences through professional guides as well as interaction and understanding with various kinds of birds in close distance!

【Avian Keeper


1. Time:  1 session everyday (except for Thursday)
2. Session: 16:30-17:15 (for 45 minutes)
3. Number: 4 people at minimum and 12 people at maximum.
3. Location: The Avian Ark Exploration Hall in Leofoo Village Park
4. Prices: Original price 1,899 NTD; for extra fees of onsite guests, please refer to the announcement from Activity Department.
Brief Introduction:
※ ”Growing Diary of Eggs”
Open your eyes widely to see the differences of eggs! During the experiencing, we will lead everyone to using specific illuminator to observe the amazing changes in the embryo within the fertilized eggs!
※ Know “Imprinting”
Be a true keeper in the course! After animals are born, they will recognize the first object they see as their mother, imprinting it. Therefore, when keepers are caring the new born fledglings, they will wear specifically-designed gloves to avoid from the fledglings doing some abnormal behaviors. Caring these hungry fledglings with your own hands is not something you can learn in class!

※Know the Traits and Importance of Birds
It turns out that the skeletal structure, respiratory system, cardio system, and digestive system all have amazing functions in the process of evolving aviating! Different avian also have different eating habitats! From the observation of specimens to appreciating the rarely seen scene of parrots eating in close distance, you can have a fulfilling gain that can widen your horizon!

※Animal Behavior Training
In order to give them better foods and medical treatments, we must do some basic behavioral training in their daily caring. How can this difficult mission to be done? The bird associate and pelicans will start a continuous demonstration of “objective training” to let you know how a pelican that eats everything can be weighed. Let’s learn from the keepers from how we can make it stand on a scale!

※Birds: Sensitive Environment Index
You might have heard that experts usually say that birds can let us know most problems happening on earth. In this course, you can know their physical structure and growing traits, including fast metabolism, sensitiveness to air quality, and their global distribution. When natural environment is in danger, birds are the first to be affected in their health and number. The soaring birds are actually the watchers of ecology!

1. Age Limits: Children between 4 and 10 must be accompanied by parents and observe relevant safety regulations.
2. Shared rain boots (in the same specifications) are provided onsite for changing; socks are recommended.
3. Participants may have a closer contact with rhinos in the activity. For animals’ health, participants should wear clothing in earthly colors, such as black, white, gray, and brown; vivid colors may stimulate the animals. Meanwhile, perfumes or other skin care products should not be used, or otherwise unpredictable stimulating reactions may be caused.

For more information, please contact us : 03-547-5365