Cape of Good Hope Restaurant

03-5475365 ext.3453

Cape of Good Hope Deli
African Atmosphere, Toxin-free Cuisines
The Cape Hope Restaurant serves mainly African cuisines. Leofoo selects nothing but fresh, toxin-free produce grown locally. In the atmosphere combining the African taste and unlimited space, guests are allowed to see the many species of African herbivore animals in the outdoor park while enjoying the fresh and primitive African cuisines. We are here to satisfy your every sense of taste.
As from today guests can be enjoyed by chef cooking food for free when guests participate in these two events brought back to Cape Town or in the store to buy toxin-free produce.

Service Hours:11:00~23:00
Food Provided:
Breakfast, Lunch, Afternoon Snacks, Late Night Snacks
Single Orders and Set Meals, African Style

Lunch Set: $600 / Dinner set: $750
Afternoon Snacks: starting from $180
Late Night Snacks: starting from $350
Single Order of Main Course: starting from $220
10% of additional service charge is required.
For information, please call: 03-5475365, ext. 2960