Services for Marriage Proposal and Pre-Wedding Photography

Want to enter the realm of happiness and roam in the exotic theme village?
Or you want to meet the lovely animals living in the forests of fairy tales?
Now come to Leofoo for pre-wedding photoshoots and marriage proposal that only takes place once in a lifetime!

Roaming in the Realm of Happiness
●Exclusive Use of Entertaining Facilities
●Free Advance Inspection
●Exclusive Company and Arrangement
Photoshoot Time: 1 hour

Meet in the Animal Forests
●Photoshoot with Animals in Close Distance (Choose 2 of the 3 Options: Giraffes, Lemurs, or Horses)
●Exclusive Company and Arrangement
Photoshoot Time: 1.5 hours

●The projects can only be reserved. Pricing can be made for customized projects according to your demands. Please reserve as late as 14 days in advance. For reservation, please call 03-547-5365 #2951, 2952
●The project of Meet in the Animal Forests may be adjusted depending on weather and animal conditions. The photoshoot shall be in compliance with relevant regulations.
●The project of Roaming in the Realm of Happiness and Meet in the Animal Forests shall be available only to 5 people (the couple and 3 staff members). If other family members or relatives are accompanying and therefore exceeding the limit, extra fees of 599 NTD per person shall be paid.
●All decisions shall be made in accordance with the principles of not affecting operation and complying with safety concerns. If other demands are carried out in time out of operation, they shall be made by pricing for projects.
●Do not bring your pets or puppet suit in the activities of pre-wedding photoshoot and marriage proposal.