VIP Exalted Services

You guests now get the chance! Want to have a great time and kind services in Leofoo?
Let Leofoo Resort Guanshi and Leofoo Village Theme Park bring you a VIP experiencing!

Exalted Services
Limits of Number: 4 People at minimum and 6 people at maximum
Time: 3 hours

●Fast Progress of Part Facilities in Leofoo Village Theme Park
●Best View in the Theater
●Exclusive Scenic Spots
●Exclusive Guide
●Fixed-Point Commuting (LV ↔ LRG)

【Extra Services】

Exclusive Shuttle Service
We will send buses to each point in the Park to save your time on walking.

Surprising Puppet Interaction
Time: 30min
Location: Leofoo Resort Guanshi

Exclusive Guide at the Courtyard
Time: 20min
Location: Courtyard of Leofoo Resort Guanshi

●The projects can only be reserved. Pricing can be made for customized projects according to your demands. Please reserve as late as 7 days in advance. For reservation, please call 03-547-5365 #2951, 2952
●The aforementioned services do not include fees of tickets of Leofoo Village Theme Park, animal experiencing, meals, and accommodation.
●Exclusive scenic spots shall be subject to the onsite arrangement.
●For Fast Progress of Part Facilities in Leofoo Village Theme Park, only facilities with exclusive passage of line up or with the upcoming fast progressing tickets are applied.
●For exclusive guide, we will decide the route according to your demands and offer suggestions in accordance with the festivals and performance time in the Park.
●Leofoo Village Theme Park and Leofoo Resort Guanshi reserve the rights of adjusting activities and explaining activity regulations.